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Acanthosis nigricans
  This is a skin condition characterized by discoloration, thickening and polilavyavane skin in skin folds and darts. Most often it affects the armpits, groin and neck. No specific treatment for Acanthosis nigricans, but treating the underlying disease such as diabetes, his or overweight can help lightening of... read more
20 steps to quit smoking
  A. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can quit. Remember all the toughest tasks you decide. Realize that in you there is a strong will and determination to roll cigarettes. Everything depends on you. 2. After reading this list, sit down and write their own, consistent with the features and characteristics... read more
Gentle care for children with eczema or sensitive skin
  You know the child's skin is extremely sensitive and require more specific care than yours. But children with eczema or sensitive skin should be treated with more tenderness. Just because kids with skin problems are a real test of their fragile organism, itching, irritation and pain need specialized care to subside effecti... read more
Body Care
    The skin of the body and skin age differently. The advantage of the first is that it is subjected to aggression, such as pollution, sun, cold ... Lack o... read more
Masks and hair care
How to deal with the annoying flowering masks for every hair type, to eliminate dandruff, how to prevent hair from drying out while we are at sea. ... read more
Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disease and nevromozachna often Mediter- shtanata form of dementia (50-60% of all other forms of Demel- tion). The disease took its name from a German neurologist Alois Alzheimer,... read more
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