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 As much as we like to believe we manage stress well, most of us sweat the details. We lose sleep over arguments, feel pressured by our schedules, and become anxious over things that are beyond our control. Before we know it, our body is tense and our muscles contract.  Over time, stress may steal calcium from our bones, and keep us from our optimal heart, digestive and arterial health.

To help fight the negative effects of stress, nutritional experts suggest fortifying your body with calcium and magnesium.* Breakthrough studies reveal that these super-nutrients, well-known for improving bone health, have even greater benefits than originally documented. To maximize the latest nutritional discoveries, health expert Dr. Michael Pinkus developed CalMax. The fast-absorbing powder-to-liquid formula contains a proprietary blend of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C to help you feel healthier and calmer. 



a non-aerosol spray for the fast soothing of itch and pain relief after insect bites, chicken pox rash, Poison Ivy/Oak, allergic itches or minor injuries. It also contains a compound that repels insects, which prevents from new bites.


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