The Sensual Tea - Jinshenkang 3 +1 free

The Sensual Tea - Jinshenkang 3 +1 free
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The Sensual Tea - Jinshenkang 3 +1 free


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The Sensual Tea - Jinshenkang

How to enrich your sex life naturally?

The Sensual Tea for a more intense sexual life!
The alternative 100% natural, reactive in 60 minutes.
Benefits both men and women.


It is the only natural product that benefits both men and women and is indeed only 60 minutes after taking it!
To improve the act and the sexual satisfaction of both sexes!
Intensifies orgasm, sexual fatigue limit to more significant exchanges, bringing much satisfaction on the progress of your sex life ...

For women:
The sensitivity is increased by energizing and tranquilizing effects, it relaxes, facilitates and intensifies orgasm, providing maximum enjoyment.
It overcomes the problems of loss of libido and leads to orgasm more easily.

For men:
It promotes erections stronger and more prolonged, it also has the effect of significantly shortening recovery time between the end of the first report and the next, allowing to fully satisfy his partner.
The Sensual Tea does not produce an erection in men spontaneous and requires a mental or physical stimulation.
It is only under these conditions 40 minutes after absorption may be feeling the benefits and achieve absolute security in the course of the sexual act.
Effective for those experiencing problems:
Problems with the style, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation!
The Sensual Tea is the only 100% natural alternative to the new generation of drugs sold on prescription in principle only designed for men to treat sexual disorders.
Astragalus 500 mg - 125 mg of cinnamon - 30 mg of jujube - angelica 30 mg - 30 mg of Cistanche - Eucommia 30 mg - 30 mg Chinese Magnolia - 10 mg of a clove - 6 mg Ginseng - 6 mg of dodder - 6 mg Epimedium - 6 mg horned.
A stimulating dose is taken 60 minutes before sex.
If you take a meal high in fat will be taken 90 minutes before.
It is recommended to dissolve the contents of a bag of 10 grams in a volume of cold or hot water 25 to 33 cl minimum, which you can add lemon and honey for flavor, it can also be dissolved in juice fruit or other beverages.
It is advisable for a couple each take a bag simultaneously.
Operating Precautions
Do not mix with soft drinks and avoid excess alcohol it can cause hot flashes, facial flushing, palpitations or headache, although without serious consequences but still unpleasant.
If you suffer from heart problems, consult your doctor first and meet its stringent requirements for the sexual act itself increases the cardiovascular effort.
Not recommended during pregnancy.
Keep out of reach of children.

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