Creme AU Collagene

Creme AU Collagene
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Creme AU Collagene

Creme AU Collagene

Prescribed and used since more than one quarter century, this emulsion slightly scented with chèvrefeuille restores hydrous balance in fabrics and reinforces the elasticity of the skin for a maximum cutaneous comfort.


Enriched in credits hydratants* and emollient, it generates in-depth and retains on the surface water essential to cutaneous balance. 

It alleviates, softens and regenerates the weakened skin and durably protects it from the aggressions of all types. 

Thanks to its fluid and light texture, it penetrates quickly and gets a cutaneous comfort immediate and prolonged throughout the day. 


Marine collagen: Powerful factor of hydratation*, this macromolecule allows the rehydration of the skin by collecting and maintenance of water in fabrics. 

She plays a part in the re-establishment of cutaneous elasticity and, by the presence of amino-acids, has an alleviating effect.

Soluble organic silicon: Credit on cutaneous ageing by a anti-ridicalizing action, a stimulation of the tissue activity and a regeneration of elastin and collagen fibres.

Oil petroleum jelly: Emollient credit, it retains water on the level of the roadbases of the skin to soften and alleviate the weakened skin. It brings immediate relief and cutaneous softness.

Protective base: Form a film which protects from the physical and chemical external aggressions.


Against any form of allergy, hyperreactivity of the increasingly frequent skins nowadays (pollution, tobacco, stress, tiredness…) the cream with collagen DERMAGOR became a reference for the dermatologists. 

Prescribed and used since more than one quarter century, this care by combining perfect simplicity and total tolerance gave satisfaction to million skins and fidélisé of many consumers.


Daily care hydratant* and guard for all types of skin more particularly skins sensitive, or weakened by certain dermatological treatments and mixed skins.


In application on the face and the neck, 

the morning as bases make-up and of protection 

the evening, like cream of care nourishing and comforting. 

To insist on the contour of the lips and the eyes. 

*: roadbases of the skin

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