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The skin of the body and skin age differently. The advantage of the first is that it is subjected to aggression, such as pollution, sun, cold ... Lack of tension, grimacing due to hyperactivity of facial muscles. However, several other factors make it vulnerable - pregnancy, sudden weight changes, friction of clothes you wear down the protective layer hydro.
The common facial and body skin is that the years they change at all levels - thickening of the superficial stratum corneum, thinning of the epidermis, reduced cell recovery, reduced microcirculation, fewer in number and poor quality supporting fibers. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity.
WHAT TO SKIN BODY IS DIFFERENT FROM THE SKIN OF FACE? - In its structure and thickness. Not so fine as the skin, body skin covers a thick layer consisting of connective tissue and large amounts of muscle. Due to the small quantity contained therein sweat glands, it is more sensitive to drying, anhydrous, which somewhat slows cell renewal.
WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF AGE? - For all of the above reasons, the big problem is that the skin of the body otpuska.Sazdava impression is that the skin is more. Superficial wrinkles occurring as a result of its drying may occur very early, but the real deep wrinkles are permanently established in the elderly.
THERE areas that are more sensitive to age? - Yes, and there are sure signs by which they can be recognized.
Neck is the most deprived Although part of the body, like the person it is exhibited, but without being made the necessary protective care of him. The thin skin that covers the right place bones, without backing from muscle, fat and keep the breasts without any help. The result - wrinkles and stains. So neckline needs special care - it must use the same products as the skin. The skin of the neck is better to be periodically reinforced by mild peels to protect products with high SPF sun exposure.
HOME PART arms and thighs. At these locations are less muscular and less developed connective tissue is very loose. Which makes easy access to fat cells, which are placed early on in these places. Peeling and firming care are necessary if you want to avoid the crash, which occurred around 50.
Elbows and knees. At these places the skin is removed quickly from the clothes, with the result that it becomes thicker and coarser. Subjected to continuous stretching, she has the ability to leave and form wrinkles. So we need special care from an early age - peeling, moisturizing, firming, nourishing.
Abdomen. This is an area where centered the whole pool of fat cells. 20 or 30 years after a pregnancy is no problem to restore a flat belly and tight skin. But then, with or without baby belly starts to leave. Therefore, we need to do abdominal exercises, combined with the massive use of compression products.
At what age should begin to use the tightening and lifting CARE? Of 30-35 years. Initially, these products can be used in critical periods - after pregnancy, after weight loss regime, in the midst of winter, and after prolonged exposure to the sun - but continuously when necessary. You can start with a clamping products for soft areas, combined with regular moisturizer. The effect is noticeable when clamping products are used during the day and hidratirayaite - night.
What are the most commonly used active substance? Plant extracts and derivatives of silicon components for maintaining skin elasticity. Synthetic polymers, vegetable protein / soy, wheat germ / instant smoothing effect. Vitamins E and C because of their ability to fight free radicals. Retinoid / creams with a high content of vitamin A /, which stimulates cell renewal. Fruit acids to visibly smooth. The effect is usually not due to the maximum number of active ingredients and their proper combination and concentration.
HOW LONG AFTER Results become visible? Mechanical smoothing effect is immediate. Only a few days the skin appears smoother, softer and smoother. Flexibility, elasticity, toniziranost, stiffness and precise contours are obtained after at least 1 month of regular use the right product or products.
DOES THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SUPPLY AND CELLULITE? The battle against granting a battle against tselolita because tightening the structure of subcutaneous tissue. Therefore slim products / slimming effect with / and generally have a tightening effect.

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