Gentle care for children with eczema or sensitive skin

Gentle care for children with eczema or sensitive skin


You know the child's skin is extremely sensitive and require more specific care than yours. But children with eczema or sensitive skin should be treated with more tenderness. Just because kids with skin problems are a real test of their fragile organism, itching, irritation and pain need specialized care to subside effectively and leave no child traumatic memories in mind. See our tips on skin care for children with eczema or sensitive skin.
Before moving on to practical advice on caring for children with eczema or sensitive skin, let us make a brief explanation of these medical terms. As scary as it sounds, eczema actually means "dry skin" or "atopic dermatitis". Almost every child gets eczema at some point in their development. It is quite common in babies because their immune and digestive systems are still developing and their skin is much thinner than an adult.
Problem skin does call all regular and prolonged hypersensitivity reaction of the epidermis, often accompanied by inflammation of the sebaceous glands svrahsekretsiya or clogged pores. In general, problem skin is characteristic of the period of puberty, but no body, especially the kids, not insured by an earlier or later onset.
How do I know eczema and problem skin?
Sometimes, especially in toddlers, eczema is in small patches behind the knees or in the folds of the elbows. You can also appear as dry, red patches on the cheeks, behind the ears or on the wrists and ankles. Some children expressed colored swellings (from body to bright red) on the thighs, back, arms or abdomen.
External signs suggest that your child may have sensitive skin are lichens, rashes, acne, redness ... These reactions usually occur under the influence of certain factors and are prone to drug and cosmetic treatment.
What is the reason for the presence of eczema or sensitive skin?
Although the exact cause is not yet clear, most studies have shown that eczema is an allergic reaction caused by eating certain foods or by external allergens and pathogens that penetrate the thin barrier of the skin.
On the other hand, problem skin is a result of excessive sensitivity of the epidermis to internal and external causes - food allergies, pollen, cosmetics, household dust, individual characteristics of the body, sun ...
In fact, eczema is a kind of manifestation of problem skin, but caused by excessive dryness of the epidermis. The reasons for it are two - air and irritant. If you moisten the skin and dries very often excessive or not enough moisture, it can become dry. On the other hand, perfumes, detergents, textile paints, fabrics and even food and drinks also cause dryness and irritation.
How to relieve eczema and symptoms of problem skin?
- First, avoid internal allergen. Eliminating food, causing severe skin reactions, is one of the most recommended treatments for children with such complaints. Replace cow's milk products with those of goat milk. If possible, breastfeed kids as milk is an important factor in building a strong immune system. From its menus muted citrus, wheat, soy, berries, chocolate, peanuts and fish.
- Avoid allergens and external. Trust clothes and diapers made from 100% cotton and cleaned house dust. Maintain moderate temperature of indoor air and always take the appropriate accessories to protect the child's skin on the climate in the walk out.
- Enhance the immune system. This will be allowed to include and foods rich in vitamins in their daily regimen, regular outdoor games, sports.
- Use cosmetic products with natural ingredients, no fragrance and no parabens. Search those who are present in oils of chamomile, calendula, olive ... Do not forget to brush with their kids and morning and evening, and after bath compulsory affixing moisturizing and soothing product. Choose a series of cosmetic brand because most are designed so that a complementary action for faster effect.
And knowing that the choice of cream suitable for skin care in children with eczema or sensitive skin may be difficult, we offer you a few tried and true maternal alternatives. And you can add and those who have forgotten.

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