20 steps to quit smoking

20 steps to quit smoking


A. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can quit. Remember all the toughest tasks you decide. Realize that in you there is a strong will and determination to roll cigarettes. Everything depends on you.
2. After reading this list, sit down and write their own, consistent with the features and characteristics of your character. Make your own plan to stop smoking.
3. Write in black and white reasons that make you quit the habit. For non-smokers live longer, feel better, save money on cigarettes, etc. Once ready, every day I read the reasons.
4. Ask for support from family, friends and colleagues. Ask them to show tolerance, because until you are accustomed smoke-free, you will be irritable.
5. Determine the exact date of the day that you will stop smoking. Sign in January Give yourself some time before the specified date. This time you need to prepare mentally for the first day of new life without cigarettes.
6. It is better to consult your doctor before starting the test. It can also help you to further motivate you.
7. Start doing gymnastics in the morning, because exercise reduces stress and helps your body to recover from the damage that you inflicted cigarettes. If so, start with a few minute loads between them do holidays. Increase physical activity to 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a day. Before you choose whether you swim, you'll go to the gym or jogging will do, ask your doctor.
8. Do breathing exercises each day in 3-5 minutes. Very slowly inhale through your nose, hold a few seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth. Try to do exercise with eyes closed.
9. At the same time imagine how clearly no longer smoke, how you breathe more easily how your skin gets color and no longer smell of cold ashtray while kissing her beloved man.
The same psychic can undergo and during your other sports during the day. Visualize your new life. Imagine how you are at work, but no longer reaching for a box of cigarettes.
10. If you decide to quit smoking, reduce them daily, be sure to specify a deadline for their final stop. Plan the amount of cigarettes per day and reduce your number for each. Replace your brand of cigarettes, it helps to give up easily.
11. Try to quit smoking by diff. Many smokers claim that it is the only way. But it is better to choose a suitable option for you - to give up gradually or immediately. If none of them does not work, try another.
12. Find a partner - another smoker who also wants to quit. Talk to him in moments when you feel that you have different opinions. You can log in and chat forum, where you can also help.
13. Clean your teeth very well. You can go to the dentist to remove plaque and polished yellow stains from your teeth caused by smoking. Imagine if you again return to cigarettes, they will regain that horrible color.
14. Take a small gift for each round date from the first day without cigarettes. After the first two weeks go to the cinema. After two more select the best restaurant and order a fabulous dinner. After 6 months, buy something expensive. The first year you can tidy a big party with friends or relatives.
15. Drink plenty of water because it helps your body to release toxins more easily and nicotine.
16. You need to assess exactly at which point it goes to start. Whether in times of stress, after meals, at work or on a table when relaxing with friends. Try to avoid the situation and failing that, find another pattern of behavior in these critical moments.
17. Find a toy that is constantly turning in his hands. Chew gum or candy often. This will not help reaching for cigarettes.
18. Do not worry if you upload a few pounds. In the first few months everyone who stopped smoking, began to suffer from brutal appetite. Thus, the body compensates for the stress of new life. Several months after that will again get in shape.
19. Now a careful smoking in stressful situations not posegnete back to cigarettes and forget all the efforts you exerted to quit.
20. As a nonsmoker Fight for your rights - do not let the office, which works with people to capture the poisonous smoke room

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