Acanthosis nigricans

Acanthosis nigricans


This is a skin condition characterized by discoloration, thickening and polilavyavane skin in skin folds and darts. Most often it affects the armpits, groin and neck.
No specific treatment for Acanthosis nigricans, but treating the underlying disease such as diabetes, his or overweight can help lightening of the skin.
The main features of the disease include:
changes in the skin - darkening, thickening, polilavyavane of skin folds;
slow progression of the disease - changes in skin are slow and sometimes last for months;
is possible itching.
Changes in the skin are the result of high levels of insulin, which is the result of diabetes or obesity. In some cases, this disease can be inherited. Certain factors such as taking oral contraceptives (birth control), other hormone problems, endocrine tumors or taking large doses of niacin can contribute to this condition.
Acanthosis nigricans is usually diagnosed during routine examination of the skin. Occasionally it is necessary to study a small piece of skin (biopsy). If the cause of Acanthosis is unclear, can be tested by blood tests, x-rays and other methods to detect it.
There is no specific treatment for Acanthosis nigricans, but the overthrow of a few extra pounds or a change in diet (avoiding sugars and starches) can make a positive impact. It is thicker lesions have an unpleasant odor. In this case it is recommended to use antibacterial soap or antibiotic for topical use.

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