Amigos Apricot Seed extract 100 capsules

Amigos Apricot Seed extract 100 capsules
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Amigos Apricot Seed extract 100 capsules

• In 1952, biochemist Dr. Ernst Krebs in San Francisco prove his theory that cancer is a metabolic reaction to poor nutrition and lack of key nutrients in the diet of modern man. His studies it directed to compound located in more than 1,200 plants, which can serve as food. This compound is called Amygdalin.
• Amygdalin is located in the highest concentration and in combination with the necessary enzymes apricot pits. One of the secrets of the Hunza of Kashmir for centuries-old life and the lack of cancers is their plant diet and consumption precisely apricot kernels.

• Amigos selective cytotoxic effect-destroying defective cells without adverse effect on healthy cells in the body
• It is recommended that in addition, after the application of traditional chemo and radiotherapy
• For people diagnosed in the past with malignancies or severe family history (history of morbidity) Oncology
• In complex with immunomodulators, vitamins and minerals as part of complementary / supplementary care for patients with cancer

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