Coxamin Magne

Coxamin Magne
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Coxamin Magne


Coxamin Magne

COXAMIN MAGNE e unique product that contains 74 trace elements and minerals, whole plant-based. Produced by calcifying red algae - Lithothamnion Calcareum. They live in limited areas around the clean beaches of Southwest Ireland and West Iceland. The life cycle of algae is four or five years. For this relatively short period, they absorb large amounts of minerals from the sea. COXAMIN MAGNE has a unique cellular structure similar to honeycomb, which after primary hydration changed into smooth. She does not like chalk grain structure, which typically associate the concept of calcium product. 

COXAMIN MAGNE normalizes functions of cardiovascular system. High levels of magnesium in the product grants and dilates blood vessels and improves the functioning of the heart muscle, thereby lowering blood pressure and eases the work of satseto. Operates and maintains antiaterosklerotichno normal tone of blood vessels. Favorably affect the heart rhythm in violation of, coronary artery disease, including myocardial infarction, improves myocardial oxygen providing, by limiting the area of disability. 

COXAMIN MAGNE improves memory, facilitates learning and reduces the aging process. This is due to the high doses available magnesium (300 mg / day), which increase the number of synapses and the rate at which transmit nerve impulses in the brain. Magnesium has anti trace element which has a normalizing effect on the state of the nervous system to nervous tension, depression and neurosis. 

COXAMIN MAGNE recommended for diabetics, because on the one hand, the magnesium influences the effectiveness of insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels and, second, calcium and Vit. D help prevent osteoporosis. 

COXAMINMAGNE recommended in: osteoporosis (builds a healthy bone structure and slows bone loss after menopause), reduced joint mobility (helps to strengthen the joint surfaces and improves joint mobility), improves skin, hair and nails; procure necessary in During pregnancy, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals and trace elements. (To be taken after consultation with the doctor) at all conditions requiring increased intake of micro and macronutrients calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Phosphorus (P), Sulphur (S), iron (Fe), potassium (K) , Manganese (Mn), Boron (B), Iodine (I), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Selenium (Se), Cobalt (Co) and others that are listed in the table - Full composition of trace elements and minerals in COXAMIN MAGNE.

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